Superscale 72-337: CVW-8

Units: VA-86, VAW-124, and VF-14


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Scott Van Aken

Microscale/Superscale used to release sheets that were themed according to a certain Carrier Air Wing. I found these to be excellent sources of inspiration for doing models. I've always liked decal sheets that offered different aircraft types on the same sheet. This one follows that layout by offering three different USN aircraft, all from the USS Nimitz and from her 1981 Med cruise.

Starting with the top aircraft, we have an A-7E from VA-86. Typical of all the time, this one is in gloss light gull grey over white. Kits available at the time were really only from Airfix, though you could make a case for the Matchbox A-7 as well if you wished. Now, modelers can use the very nice Fujimi kit, though finding it may be a concern as Fujimi kits have not been that easy to find. This kit was also boxed by Testors.

Next is the F-14A. This aircraft from VF-41 is in the overall gloss light gull grey scheme with reduced markings. This is the 'Sukhoi killer' cruise and so there are options for one of four aircraft. For kits, I'm sure that this was designed for the older Hasegawa kit, but you can easily use the newer Hasegawa kit or even the older Airfix or Italeri versions.

Finally an E-2C from VAW-125. I know the drawing shows an E-2A/B but it should be a C model. This one is also in gloss light gull grey over white. Your options are few with the Fujimi kit (also boxed by Heller) being your only real choice. While of the raised panel line vintage, it does make into a very nice model.

Unlike many of the sheets of the day, this one does include insignia and data markings for all the subjects and is worth seeking out.

Review sheet courtesy of me.

February  2005

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