Microscale 72-289: F-86Fs

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Scott Van Aken

This is an older Microscale sheet that I have had since the 1970s, but forgot about and it just recently discovered it. Typical of Microscale sheets of the day, it does not include insignia or the fuselage 'U.S.AIR FORCE' titles, those being available at the time on separate sheets. However, it does include the wing USAF markings and stencils for two planes as well as main instrument panel decals.

The only available kit at the time was the fairly horrible Hasegawa 1/72 F-86F. I say horrible as the intake on this kit looks like something one would see in the comic books of the day. It also had a long span -40 wing. Now, the instructions are such that there is no indication of what wing these panes carried nor is there any date given that might be useful to help determine wing type. So it is up to the modeler to make an educated guess or perhaps locate one of the long out of print references provided.

 I can also fairly well guarantee you that these decals will not be a perfect fit for more modern kits from Fujimi, Hobbycraft/Academy or Airfix. Heck, these older Microscale sheets were not a perfect fit for kits for which they were designed! 

So what is on this sheet?

First up is the boss bird from the 8th FBW.

Next is from the 322nd FDG.

The third option is from the 50th FBW.June 2005

Those wondering how they are going to do the fuselage US Air Force marking will be pleased to know that there is a font out there so you can print your own. It is called Amarillo USAF, and a google should pull it up for you.

February 2019

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