Superscale 72-235: P-3 Orion

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Scott Van Aken

Here's another oldie from the dungeon. This sheet is for the only kit of this aircraft in this scale, the Hasegawa P-3C. All of the aircraft are in the original scheme of white over light gull grey and all have a black radome. As was common with early Superscale/Microscale decals, insignia and other common markings will have to come from the kit or another aftermarket sheet. To backdate the P-3C to an A or B version, one needs to fill in the fairing on the nose with plastic card.

There are two P-3C aircraft on the sheet, the first one from VP-30, the training squadron, and the last one from VX-1, the test and evaluation squadron.

Two P-3Bs are provided. Aircraft 2 from VP-6 with the shark on the tail and aircraft 4 from VP-9, coded PD.

The lone P-3A is the center profile from VP-65, a reserve unit. The nose stripe will have to be painted on or done using a colored decal cut to size.

January 2007

Review copy courtesy of my decal collection.

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