Superscale 72-226: EA-6B Prowers

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Scott Van Aken

I thought it might be nice to put this sheet up as a comparison to the latest EA-6B sheet reviewed a few days back. This sheet probably appeared in the late 1970s and includes markings for four aircraft. All are in the light gull grey over white scheme that was standard for USN aircraft during this time. As amazing as it seems, there is still only one kit available for this aircraft in this scale and it is the Hasegawa version. Though not a bad kit, it is over 25 years old and so has raised panel lines and a somewhat simple level of detailing.

Update: I've been soundly chastised for forgetting the Matchbox 1/72 EA-6B. I am currently doing penitence by working on a Battle Axe kit..... Ed.

The four aircraft on the sheet are:

VMAQ-2 with the black cockpit and tail. This has the non PC bunny on the tail. I also noted that the previous owner had pinched the '160' from the serial number!

Next is from VAQ-135 aboard the USS Ranger.

This is followed by a different variation on the VAQ-135 scheme, this time from the USS Nimitz

Finally, a VAQ-133 aircraft aboard the USS America.

The sheet includes stencils for all, but typical of the times, the insignia and wing lettering will have to come from an alternate source.

Sheet courtesy of me and my usual scrounging at swap meets,

June 2005

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