Superscale 72-162: A-7 Corsair II

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$ Currently OOP. Sheet printed in late 70's


Scott Van Aken


Going way back is this very nice decal sheet for the A-7 Corsair. All of these planes are in the Light Gull Grey over White scheme. The best A-7 kits in 1/72 are by Fujimi and though not all are readily available, when you can find them, buy them as they really are super. The A-7A is also done by Revell and Hasegawa while the A-7E is done by Airfix and Italeri/ESCI. Here is what is on the sheet;

First up is an A-7A from VA-56 'Champions' when assigned to an east coat ship. It later transferred to CAG 5 and the USS Midway.

Next is the CAG bird of VA-25 'Fist of the Fleet'. All this units planes had nice green tails and a green radome. In this scheme it was assigned to the USS Ranger.

From VA-93 'Blue Blazers', comes this A-7A while assigned to the USS Midway.

Finally, a very nice VA-46 'Clansman' A-7A while with the USS John F. Kennedy. Below is a rather poor image of these markings used on a Fujimi kit.

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