Superscale 72-128: A-6 Intruder

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$ Currently OOP. Sheet printed in 70's


Scott Van Aken

An aircraft that doesn't seem to be one that is often modeled (at least at shows) but for which there are a number of very nice kits, is the A-6 Intruder. Probably because it isn't as swoopy looking as other naval aircraft of the period, yet there were a lot of them and so there are some very nice color schemes. All these planes are in the 'standard' colors of light gull grey and white. Some A-6A's had perforated speed brakes. These were found to be less than useful, even when they went to solid brakes so they were made inoperable, relying on the wing tip speed brakes instead.

First up is from VA-52. This A-6A has perforated air brakes and was assigned to the USS Coral Sea. The intake lips on this aircraft are black

Next is a USS Midway based VA-115 aircraft with a yellow fin tip and black fin. There is a red intake splitter plate and the tank fins are in green.

The lone A-6E on the sheet is a pre-TRAM bird from VA-65 with the large orange markings on the tail and fuselage.

Finally, from VA-95 comes this A-6A, also from the USS Coral Sea and also with perforated air brakes. This one has a black fin tip and cream intake lips.

When this sheet came out, you basically had the old Hasegawa kit. Now, in addition to that kit are an excellent series of Intruders from both Fujimi and Italeri. The latter will probably be easier to find. Insignia will have to come from the kit or an additional decal sheet.

December 2004

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