Superscale 72-118: AD Skyraider

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Long out of production


Scott Van Aken


From the distant past and what was then Microscale before the company split, is this sheet for the A-1 Skyraider. The kits specified are the Airfix and Monogram ones. This was even before Fujimi's A-1. Nowadays, most will go for the nice Hasegawa 1/72 Skyraider for the single seat. For the multi-seat version, we still only have the Monogram kit in this scale. Most of these options are in the light gull grey over white scheme.

First is an AD-5 from VA-52 with a black fin tip

Next a VA-25 aircraft from the USS Coral Sea. The tip of the fin in this case is Red. This is the last operational Skyraider and on display at the Naval Air Museum.

Third is a nice CAG bird from VA-75 aboard the USS Independence.

The fourth option is quite colorful in white and international orange. The exhaust stain area is gloss black. It is from Marine Engineering Squadron AES-12 based at Quantico. In reality, it provided desk pilots in DC with the opportunity to get in their flight hours.

Finally, the most popular A-1 markings from VA-176 aboard the USS Intrepid. This sheet has the bolt in red, which I believe is not totally accurate.

There are basically illegible data for two aircraft. Insignia will have to come from another source.

October 2006

Review copy courtesy of my wallet and a lot of digging about.

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