Superscale 72-077: A-4 Skyhawks

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Scott Van Aken

Here is a sheet from the very early days and one that was still marked as a Microscale sheet and with a $1.50 price tag!

This sheet covers five A-4B/C Skyhawks. The sheet is devoid of insignia as the deal in those days was to buy a separate insignia sheet. The sheet does include intake warning markings in the two styles used as well as come rescue decals and other markings. No kit is recommended, but back then the only ones around in 1/72 were the very basic Airfix A-4A and the then-new Hasegawa A-4E which would require some conversion work to be backdated. Now we have Fujimi's fine early Skyhawks, though I'm not sure all the markings will fit.

All these aircraft were in the light gull grey over white scheme.

First up is an A-4B of VA-34 from the USS Saratoga. The model will need the canopy area painted blue to match the markings.

Next is a VMA-22 aircraft from the USS Hornet and named 'Fanny Hill'. This A-4C has a number of mission markings on the intake. The red and blue stripes in the rudder will have to be painted on. Frankly, I've not heard of VMA-22 and it is not listed as being part of MAG-15. It also has the Red Cock marking of VA-22 on it so if anyone can help clear this up, it would be appreciated.

The third is an A-4C from VA-112 aboard the USS Ticonderoga.

From the USS Forrestal comes this A-4B of VA-152. Rudder markings are in green and will need to be painted.

Finally, an A-4C from VA-95 aboard the USS John F. Kennedy.

While I'm sure this ancient sheet will need some help from a decal saver film, it does have markings not found anywhere else.

September 2006

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