Superscale 481259: P-61A Black Widow
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Scott Van Aken

This latest sheet from Superscale is their first new one for the Great Wall 1/48 P-61A Black Widow. Those who have been around will notice that these are not exactly the first time these markings have appeared on Superscale sheets, but so much has been learned since the initial release 25-30 years back, that a new print is a good idea. For instance, it used to be thought that Olive Drab Black Widows had yellow serial numbers. That has since been pretty well proven to be false, though one option does include them if you want. The Monogram kit is not on the recommended kit list as it does not offer a frosted radome, an item needed for all three options.

Terry Dean, a certified Widow junkie, has informed me that these planes had fixed upper guns as the turrets caused far too much buffeting. The gun cover fir these was different in shape from the standard turret and he is developing a resin replacement which will soon be available.

First up is 'Moonhappy' from the 6th NFS on Saipan in 1944. The OD bird is credited with four kills.

Next is 'The Virgin Widow' from the 6th NFS, also on Saipan in 1944. This one is in gloss black.

The last is another OD aircraft, and also from the 6 NFS on Saipan in 1944. 'Jap Batty' is credited with two kills and it is this set of markings for which the yellow serials are supplied.

The sheet includes both red and black data markings (black on the OD birds) as well as wing walk areas for one plane and insignia for two. As they are printed by Cartograf, they are superbly done.

March 2012

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