Superscale 481258: OA-37B Dragonfly
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Scott Van Aken

This latest sheet from Superscale is designed for the Monogram or Encore 1/48 OA-37 Dragonfly. The sheet provides markings for four aircraft and includes insignia and data markings for all of them. Included in the full color instructions is a detailed data placement guide. All of these options are from the 1970s and all are painted in the standard SEA camouflage scheme.

First up is an aircraft from the 427 SOTS/4410 CCTW. This unit trained pilots to fly the A-37. Its lone color is a yellow fin tip.

Next is another 4410 wing aircraft, this time from teh 4532 CCTS. For color, it has a white and blue checkered fin tip.

The third option is an AFRES plane from the 45th TFS/434 TFW. This is part of the unit's display team, the 'Dragonflys'. Blue fin tip and if you want to do a standard plane, replace the red circle on the fin with IN tail codes.

Finally, a popular scheme on an earlier sheet is this plane from the 138 TFS/174 TFG, the 'Boys From Syracuse'. While the unit is still around (drones, I believe) the unit motto fell afoul of political correctness. Blue fin tip on this one as well.

The decals are superbly printed by Cartograf and provide some nice options to the kit markings.  

March 2012

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