Superscale MS481256: EA-6B Prowlers
Units: VAQ-135 and VAQ-137


$12.00 SRP


Scott Van Aken

This next new sheet from Superscale Decals is designed for the still available Monogram EA-6B Prowler that has also been released by Revell. Those with the loot will want to go with the much newer Kinetic kit. Though several times the MSRP of the Monogram kit, it should be much more up-to-date and not require expensive resin upgrade sets.

These are both relatively recent planes and so are painted in the standard Tactical Paint Scheme, though with some variations between the two.

First option is the VAQ-135 aircraft. This 'Black Ravens' bird is from October 2005 and is apparently painted up to be a Thanksgiving/Christmas special as it has nice artwork on the tail for that purpose. Like all modern USN types, it is in the Tactical Paint Scheme, but has the cockpit area and upper nose painted in FS 36081 Engine Grey.

The other is from November 2008 and is from VAQ-137 'Rooks'. This is, like the previous plane, the CAG bird and so has full color insignia as well as the checkered fin band worn by this unit. The checks also extend to the speed brakes. In addition, this plane carries a nice nose art on the right side of the nose.

I would have to imagine that in a few years, these planes will be out of the Navy; replaced by what I understand is the less capable EF-18G. If that is so, it is interesting to note that all of the USN tactical types that have been replaced in the last decade or two, the replacements don't seem to be as good at their job as the ones retired. I know the USAF has discovered this with their Wild Weasel mission aircraft.

The sheet includes enough major data markings and insignia to do both options.  Cartograf is now Superscale's default printer and the sheet is superbly done.  As is the norm with new Superscale sheets, the markings guide is in full color with additional notes.

August 2011

Review copy courtesy of Squadron Products. Get yours at your local shop or on-line retailer. 

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