Superscale MS481249:AV-8B Harrier Plus

Units: VMA-223, 513, and 542




Scott Van Aken

Next up is this sheet that continues with planes for  Harrier II Plus squadrons. These are all painted in the simplified scheme of FS 36118 uppers and FS 35237 undersides, making for a rather dark aircraft. The sheet provides enough insignia, data markings and slime lights to build two of the three markings options. Also part of the sheet are chaff/flare dispenser openings and the canopy heater wires (or is that MDC?).

Using the cover sheet as a guide, first shown is a VMA-513 plane with a blue tail and lightning bolt. This one is the CO's plane (hence the color) has an FS 36118 nose cone.

Next is the VMA-542 plane with just the color in the rudder stripes. An FS 36231 nose cone with this aircraft.

Finally, the VMA-223 plane with no color in the fin markings and the 36231 nose cone. This aircraft, unlike the other two, has no 'Marines' on the upper right wing.  

For a kit, the Hasegawa version is the one for which these markings are fitted. The instructions include a superb data placement guide so you can get the myriad of stencils properly located.  Cartograf is now Superscale's default printer and the sheet is superbly done. 

March 2011

Review copy courtesy of Squadron Products. Get yours at your local shop or on-line retailer. 

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