Superscale 481233: A-7A Corsair II

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Scott Van Aken

With the release of the Hobby Boss 1/48 A-7A kit, Superscale has decided to produce a couple of sheets for it. From what I can tell, these are not just rehashes of older sheets, but new subjects. As the A and B models were gone from the fleet before the TPS camo scheme, these are both painted in Light Gull Grey over White, though the grey would be gloss as they are post 1972.

First option is from VA-304, a reserve unit operating from NAS Alameda in late 1977. Naturally, it is a CAG bird with the multiple colors on the fin.

Next is a Bicentennial scheme on a VA-93 plane from Atsugi, Japan in 1976. It is also the CAG bird. From what I recall seeing these planes on the ramp back then, the blue was a lighter shade, but apparently on this one they went with a darker blue.  I found a couple of photos that show this below.

 Cartograf is now Superscales default printer and the sheet is superbly done. There are insignia and data markings for one aircraft.

March 2010

Review copy courtesy of Squadron Products. Get yours at your local shop or on-line retailer. 

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