Superscale 481230: B-57B Canberra

Units: 345 and 461 BG




Scott Van Aken

This second sheet covers a couple of more early B-57B Canberras in their original black paint scheme. This was gloss black, so it should be a bit easier to paint. These are actual bomber types from the mid 1950s. The decal sheet has enough USAF markings to do one plane. The insignia will need to come from the kit or some other source as there just isn't room on the sheet for them. The Airfix kit is the one that is recommended, though you could use the vastly more difficult to build Classic Airframes kit.

First plane is from the 499 BS/345 BG Its unit markings consist of yellow arrows with squadron badges on the tip tanks and a yellow triangle on the fin with the wing badge. This unit flew B-25s in the Pacific during WWII and was the unit that started the gunship. 

The other unit is the 766 BS/461 BG. It has white tip tanks with a black nose and flash. The builder will need to paint the outer half of the tanks white with the black nose prior to adding the flash. The fin has a multi-colored triangle to add some more color. I think that on most planes there was a unit badge at the tip of the triangle, but this one was apparently photographed before that could be added.

For those who are thinking that the red is too bright, well it is on the sheet, but won't be when you put it on the aircraft.

As with all of the latest Superscale sheets, the printing is done by Cartograf, ensuring that you have the best available.

March 2010

Review copy courtesy of Squadron Products. Get yours at your local shop or on-line retailer. 

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