Superscale 481121: P-51D Mustang Aces

Units: 4th FG


$10.00 MSRP


Scott Van Aken

One of the longest running USAAF combat Fighter Groups of WWII was the 4th. Their planes went through a lot of changes as the war progressed and this sheet has three of their P-51Ds as they were near the end of the conflict. These are all unpainted metal (except for the wings, of course, which were filled in and painte aluminum lacquer), with OD anti glare panels and red noses. All of the red bits will have to be painted by the modeler.

First up is 'Thunder Bird' the aircraft of Ted Lines from the 334 FS. This one has the black tail and wing ID bands.

Next is a well known aircraft from the 335 FS, 'Ridge Runner' as flown by Pierce McKinnon. This has the red canopy frame and red surround white rudder markings.

The final option is Louis Norley's 'Red Dog XII" from the 334th FS. This has a full red rudder of late war planes.

Decals are superbly printed by Cartograf and while there is no recommended kit, most will use the Tamiya or Hasegawa version. Full stencils and insignia for one aircraft with a great data placement guide.

August 2009

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