Superscale 48-1218: F-15C Eagles

Units: Missouri ANG Commemorative schemes


$10.00 MSRP


Scott Van Aken

 This is quite a timely sheet as the 110 FS officially closed its doors on Saturday, ending over 85 years of history. Some of its pilots and ground support personnel will be transferring to Whiteman AFB as part of the 509 BW. There, they will be integrated into the unit. Actually, this is something neither the ANG or the USAF wanted as ANG personnel will only be there as second class crews; not allowed to fly the plane without regular USAF people in the cockpit and the USAF would rather not be 'saddled' with temps, no matter what the official releases are.

Anyway, no more Eagles in the skies of St. Louis and no more fighter coverage for a huge portion of the Central US what with nearby ANG fighter units in Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana being disbanded as well. Other close by are converting to transports or A-10s.

The sheet covers two 110 FS special schemes on the same airplane, the boss bird 80-0043. I recall seeing this plane with the 57 FIS when I was in Iceland in the late 1980s, so it has been around. It was one of the last two planes at the closing ceremonies as well, still with the St. Louis Blues nose badge.

The two schemes are for the St. Louis Cardinals when they won the World Series in 2006 and the other is from the St. Louis Blues hockey team in 2008. Unfortunately, the Blues are pretty pathetic as hockey goes, unlike the generally successful Cardinals baseball team. But it is still nice to have these commemorative schemes.

The sheet includes full stencils and insignia for both planes so you can do the pair. Slime lights are also part of the sheet. The instructions are now in full color since Squadron bought the company and a complete stencil and painting guide is included. I know this will do well here in the St. Louis area and should also be appreciated by Eagle fans everywhere. Though I know it won't happen because the scale does not sell well in the US, I'd like to see these in 1/72. The sheet is superbly printed by Cartograf of Italy

June 2009

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