Superscale 48-1202: Pacific P-51Ds

Unit: 21st and 506th FG




Scott Van Aken

Here are some more fine options for those who like to do Mustangs or Pacific theater aircraft. Though most of these units were only active for a few months before the war came to an abrupt end about this time in 1945, they were some of the more colorful aircraft, often flown by pilots with experience in Europe who were rotated to units headed for the Pacific.

The Tamiya kit is the one recommended and for which the markings are fitted. However, I'm sure that most modelers will be able to fudge things enough to use the Hasegawa, Monogram or even Hawk or Otaki kits if they wanted. Enough insignia for both and data markings for one.

First up is 'Tallahassie Lassie', the plane of Harley Brown, CO of the 506th FG and often flown by Thomas DeJarnette of the 462nd FS. Both planes are unpainted metal and this one has a nice medium yellow tail with unpainted control surfaces.

The other is 'My Achin' Ass' from Harry C. Crim of the 531st FS/21st FG. This aircraft has a white spinner with a thin black nose section to match the fin stripe. The black stripes for the wings and tail planes are provided; the modeler needs to paint the white parts.

Another fine sheet for those who like late war planes.

August 2007

Thanks to Superscale for the review sheet

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