Superscale 48-1201: A-10A Thunderbolt II

Unit: 481 and 416 TFS




Scott Van Aken

Rescued from the boneyard because of Desert Storm, the A-10 proved its worth in that conflict, in Kosovo, in Afghanistan and in the invasion of Iraq in 2003. It appears that the mid-late model A-10s (the 75-, 76- and many 77- aircraft have been retired) will be upgraded to A-10C versions with a totally redone cockpit to bring it in line with other USAF fighter-bombers.

This sheet is fitted for the Revell-Monogram kit, but no reason it wouldn't fit the probably more up to date Hobby Boss kit, though the nose markings may require some fudging. Both are in the latest greys scheme that is somewhat reminiscent of the pattern used when they were first produced.

First up is the one that knocked down a helicopter with a guided bomb during Desert Storm and is now the group Boss Bird for the 23rd FG, the old Flying Tigers. As famous a unit that this one is, I bet they'll be the first operational USAF unit with the F-35, as it is supposed to be a ground attack airplane. One does, however, wonder what happened to F-24 to F-34........

The other is from the 184th FS, Arkansas ANG, who were flying F-16Cs. Must be a bit of a let down to go from supersonic to barely subsonic, but better than going away. Their Razorback motif fits nicely on the nose of this aircraft.

Data and insignia for both aircraft as well as some nice Sidewinder markings as well.

August 2007

Thanks to Superscale for the review sheet

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