Superscale 48-1200 F-100D Super Sabre

Unit: 481 and 416 TFS




Scott Van Aken

This particular F-100 sheet covers the same aircraft at two times during its life. It was first the aircraft of LtC Hal Comstock when with the 481st TFS in 1965. When the plane was transferred to the 416th TFS, the new owner kept the nose art (modifying it slightly), changed the unit markings and added a small artwork to it. It was only in this scheme of painted aluminum for a relatively short time before being repainted in the very uninspiring SEA camouflage scheme.

The only kits around for this are by Monogram and ESCI. The wise will choose the Monogram kit and if one sees a 'new' Italeri Hun, it is the ESCI kit reboxed and that should be avoided if possible. The sheet includes enough data and insignia markings to do one of the two aircraft.

August 2007

Thanks to Superscale for the review sheet

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