Superscale 48-1207: AV-8B Harriers


Superscale 48-1207: AV-8B Harriers

Unit: VMAT-203, VMA-214 and VMA-311




Scott Van Aken

Another fine Harrier II sheet covering some of the earlier variants. Kits available for this are by Hasegawa and Monogram, so no problems locating one. As these are from 1990/91, you'll find there are two different camouflage schemes used. One is the green/grey scheme of FS34064 and 36099 while the other is the greys scheme of FS 36099 and 36320. Both were in a wrap around configuration.

The VMAT-203 plane was in the greys scheme and like the others based at MCAS Yuma. This one is from the 1991 time frame.

Next is a VMA-311 plane, also from Yuma in 1991, but this time in the green/grey scheme.

Finally, from 1990 is VMA-214 plane. This is a night attack variant and is also in the green/grey camouflage.

The Superscale sheet provides common markings and insignia for all three aircraft.

September 2007

Thanks to Superscale for the review sheet

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