Superscale 48-1205: AV-8B+ Harrier

Unit: VMA-211/311/513




Scott Van Aken

Most USMC Harrier II  units have converted to the newer variants of the aircraft; the top dogs now being the AV-8B+ with an actual nose radar unit. They are all painted in the usual tps scheme of FS 36118 then 36231 and finally on the bottom, 36375.

All these planes are the mounts of the Commanding Officers of the various units so carry non-standard markings. For a kit, you need look not farther than Hasegawa for their fine AV-8B+ kit of a few years back.

Option one is the CO of VMA-513, This has a dark blue FS 15050 fin with their special markings in place. Dark Grey data markings.

Next is the VMA-311 CO's plane with a black fin and rudder. This plane has the lighter grey markings.

Finally, from VMA-211 is their CO's mount. No colored tail, but it does have black markings with full color insignia on the wings and fuselage.

Not exactly rainbow shades, but something a bit more interesting than all greys. The final option is also to be on a Hasegawa kit released in January of 2008.

A nice addition are decals for the chaff/flare dispensers.

September 2007

Thanks to Superscale for the review sheet

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