Superscale 48-997 P-47 Thunderbolts

Units: 56 FG


$ 8.00 when new


Scott Van Aken


Once again, a nice pair of P-47 markings options. This sheet is sized for the Hasegawa or the Tamiya kits though I'm sure you could make them fit the Otaki, Monogram or any other 1/48 Thunderbolt.  Data markings and insignia are provided for one aircraft.

The first aircraft is the unpainted metal P-47D-28 of Lowell Buchmiller's 'Skipper' of the 63rd FS. This aircraft has a red forward cowling and yellow rudder with invasion stripes on the lower fuselage.

The second is much more interestingly painted 'Fire Ball', a P-47M of the 62nd FS. The camouflage is given as insignia blue and azure blue with the forward cowl in red and the rudder painted to match the serial numbers. The underside, windscreen/canopy frame and P-47N fin fillet are in unpainted metal. This is also true of the forward upper wing and tailplane, making for a most interesting scheme.

April 2005

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