Superscale 48-992: B-25H Mitchell

Units: 1 ACG and 12 BG


$ 8.00 when new


Scott Van Aken

One kit that has gotten precious little in the way of aftermarket has been the Monogram B-25H Mitchell. Possibly because so few were built or that many of them operated in the Pacific and CBI. Anyway, this is the third sheet that Superscale has done on this aircraft. This one contains two aircraft, both in OD over neutral grey and undoubtedly well weathered.

First up is a 1 Air Commando Group aircraft named 'Barbie III'. Typical of the unit, it has little more than the stripes around the fuselage for any color.

The 82 BS/12 BG aircraft is much more colorful with the 'face' motif and a nice nose art. Named 'Vikin's Vicious Virgin', this aircraft operated in Italy and I do believe that the 12 BG was the only unit that operated these planes in the Med.

Due to the size of the aircraft, only one set of insignia and data markings are provided.

April 2005

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