Superscale 48-991: F-16C Falcon

Units: 107 FS & 148 FW


$ 8.00 when new


Scott Van Aken

Nice to see ANG aircraft and this sheet has two very nice ones. For kits, the sheet was designed around the Hasegawa kit, but really, just about any other 1/48 F-16C should work.

The first plane is from the 107 FS, Michigan ANG at Selfridge ANG Base. It is in the repaint scheme of two greys; FS 36118 over FS 36270, as is the other aircraft. This is a small mouth GE engine aircraft.

THe other is the Wing Commander's plane from the 148 FW, Minnesota ANG. This unit was one of the last to operate the F-16A/ADF and got some of the oldest F-16Cs in the inventory as a trade-in.

A nice sheet with common markings for both and an excellent data placement guide.


April 2005

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