Superscale 48-990: F-16A/ADF & F-16C Falcons

Units: 188FS and 169 FS


$ 8.00


Scott Van Aken

This is the first of two new sheets on the F-16 in ANG service. One you've seen before, but the other is new. Sheet is designed for the Hasegawa kit, but if you have another, it should work. In fact, the only OOB ADF version is by Revell and you'll probably want to use that kit for the IL ANG version.

First up is the new one from the 188 FS, New Mexico ANG. The aircraft is painted in the simplified scheme of FS 36118 over 36270. It also has the small mouth intake and GE engine.

The F-16A/ADF is from the 169 FS Illinois ANG and is in a special scheme for a weapons meet, one of two planes similarly painted. I guess that when they reworked aircraft into the ADF mods, they used the older three color scheme with the addition of FS 36375 on the underside.

There are common markings for both aircraft and Superscale provides an excellent data placement guide.

April 2005

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