Superscale 48-987: A-4C Skyhawks

Units: VA-72 & VMA-133


$ 8.00


Scott Van Aken

There are few jet modelers who do not like the Skyhawk. It is just a cool little jet and one whose design is such that it has become one of the longest operating military aircraft around. Though initially flying in the early 1950s, the later variants of this little jet are still operating the in the Air Forces of several countries around the world, a longevity of 50 years!

This particular sheet is for the very early versions; the A4D-2N (later redesignated A-4C). Both examples are in the light gull grey and white scheme. The sheet provides both anti-glare panels so you don't have to paint those. There are insignia and data markings for one aircraft. The only kit that is around for this early bird is the very nice Hasegawa version that should still be readily available.

First aircraft is the CAG bird from VA-72 aboard the USS Independence in 1962. Though you'll have to paint the front of the drop tanks, the tail stripes are provided as individual decals, making sure that there will be a good fit.

The other example is a Marine A-4C from VMA-133. Typical of the time, USMC A-4s were a bit drab with only the red fin/rudder markings and a unit badge to add any color.

Regardless of your choice, a super little model will be the result. The use of 'VA-73' on the upper drawing is a glitch.

February 2005

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