Superscale 48-986: A-4B/L Skyhawks

Units: VA-72 & VMA-133


$ 8.00


Scott Van Aken

The first of two new Skyhawk sheets covers early birds. The A-4B was really the first mass produced Skyhawk as the A model was built in relatively small numbers. The A-4L was basically an upgrade of A-4C airframes with the inclusion of an avionics pack on the upper spine. These were flown by the Reserves as I don't think any fleet squadrons flew them. The drawing shows an A-4E as the L did not have an intake splitter plate nor the longer nose. I do believe that it was fitted with outer wing pylons, something that the B did not have. Hasegawa has released both a B and an L version so you can use those as a basis. You can also use the Hobbycraft early A-4 should you desire to do so. Both aircraft are in light gull grey and white.

First is an A4D-2 (A-4B) with VA-93 aboard the USS Bennington in 1959. This aircraft has dark blue trim and a dark blue nose to the drop tank.

The other is an A-4L with the Navy reserves at NAS Glenview in 1971, the last year they used the Skyhawk. VA-209 then transitioned to the EA-6 and became VAQ-209.

Full markings are provided for one aircraft with an extra anti-glare panel. I'm not sure what the grey one is for, but if any aircraft used it, then it would be the A-4B.

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