Superscale 48-981: F-16D Falcon

Units: 33 FS & 63 FS




Scott Van Aken

It isn't very often that you find a decal sheet with multiple schemes that is dedicated to one airplane. In this case, it is the only F-16D to have an air to air victory, that being against a MiG-25 and the first time an AMRAAM was successfully used in an operational scenario.

The first scheme is from when it achieved its victory while with the 33 FS/363 FW. This is in the delivery scheme of FS 36118, 36270, 36375.

More recently, this aircraft has been part of the 56 FW, which does all the F-16 training at Luke AFB in Arizona. This scheme is with the 63FS and is the simplified version without the FS 36375 on the bottom of the aircraft. Since the 63 FS was the squadron of WWII ace Bud Mahurin, his name is on the canopy rail of this one.

There are insignia and data markings for both aircraft. The sheet has been sized for the Hasegawa kit, though you could use others if you wished.

February 2005

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