Superscale 48-978: P-51B/C Mustangs

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Scott Van Aken

Moving to WWII, here is a nice sheet for some early P-51B/Cs. Standard colors were OD over Neutral Grey colors that were carried in early 1944. The standard ID markings were white nose, wing bands, and bands on the fin. In the case of those planes using those bands (and all of them have bands on the wings), you'll have to paint those on as there isn't room on the sheet for them. The sheet does provide data for one plane and insignia for two.  Recommended kit is by Tamiya, but the one by ICM, Monogram or any other 1/48 P-51B should work fine.

First is Don Bochkay's P-51C with the Malcolm hood and painted in RAF colors of Dark Green upper and Medium Sea Grey undersides. 'Speedball Alice' was with the 363 FS/357 FG.

'Live Bait' is Clayton Gross' P-51B with the 355 FS/354 FG. It has all the standard markings..

The final is Jim Howard's 'Ding Hao' from the 356 FS/354 FG. It does not have the tail stripe and will be a most welcome set of markings to replace the old ones in the equally old Monogram P-51B kit.

Again, enough data markings for one plane and insignia for two.

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