Superscale 48-973: F-15E Strike Eagle

Units: 336 FS/4 FW


$ 8.00


Scott Van Aken

This is the second Strike Eagle sheet, the markings coming from the recent Osprey "F-15E Units of OIF" by Steve Davies. Again, the kit to use is the Revell version as it is a true Strike Eagle, and really is a nice build. Both planes are overall Gunship Grey FS 36118. The sheet provides insignia and data markings for both aircraft and there is a nice data placement guide included in the instructions.

Both of these planes have nose art and the first is 'Dirty Bird' with the other being 'Mighty Mouse'. Each aircraft has a goodly number of mission markings on the nose. If you are looking for a newish scheme for your Strike Eagle, well, here it is.

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