Superscale 48-972: F-15E Strike Eagles

Units: 366 FS/4 FW


$ 8.00


Scott Van Aken

This sheet is for F-15E Strike Eagles that participated in Operation Iraqi Freedom and based in Qatar (because the Saudis wouldn't let us). There are two aircraft, both in overall FS 36118 Gunship Grey. The recommended kit is the excellent Revell F-15E, which can also be found in the ProModeler boxing. Another kit you could use would be the Academy version and even the Hasegawa kit, but those are both basically warmed over F-15Ds and not true Strike Eagles.

The two aircraft are from the 366 FS 'Rockets' and have yellow bands on the upper fin. Both are named with the most gaudy of the two being 'Dragon Betty II'. The other is 'A cry for the fallen' with a wolf  on the nose. Both have a goodly number of mission markings. There are sufficient insignia and other markings for both of the aircraft.

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