Superscale 48-970: P-47D Thunderbolt

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Scott Van Aken

Here is something a bit unusual, Pacific theater Thunderbolts! Since the European theater had first dibs on all the new stuff, it shouldn't surprise you that when the Thunderbolt finally entered the area, they'd be older Razorback versions. Since the Allies pretty well had air superiority wherever they went, these are in bare metal finishes with OD anti-glare panels.

First up is from the 311 FS/58 FG and that may be the 348 FG as it has red, white and blue tail stripes just like pre-war aircraft. It also has a light blue cowling panel with a nice 1940's Island Girl on it. This has the 12'2" Curtiss-Electric prop.

The other is from the 460 FS/348 FG and also has the same tail markings. In addition, planes operating out of the Philippines had to have broad black ID bands. In this case, the plane has two on the fuselage and three on the wings. Break out the tape as you'll have to paint them on. This aircraft, named 'Bonnie' also has an OD upper fuselage decking and an impressive score board.

The sheet includes extra white backings for the second scheme so that the black bands won't show through the insignia. Nice going on that one.

Recommended kits are by Tamiya and Hasegawa though they should work OK for others.

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