Superscale 48-969: A-4M Skyhawk

Units: VMA-211 and VMA-223


$ 8.00


Scott Van Aken

For the second new A-4M sheet, here are two more USMC Squadrons with the later aircraft that sports all the antenna mods. Still somewhat 'early' planes in that they are in the camouflage scheme of Light Gull Grey and White; both planes from 1977.

This sheet provides full insignia and data for one plane and the anti-glare panel and tail hook stripes for both.

The first is from VMA-223 and has a yellow rudder that you must first paint before applying the red rib stripes.

The other is from VMA-211 and has a black gun blast panel. You will also note that the intake warning markings are different for both aircraft.

Again, the recommended kit is the new Hasegawa version, but you could also put these on the Hobbycraft kit or even the ESCI version should you desire.

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