Superscale 48-965: A-10 Thunderbolt II

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Scott Van Aken

This second sheet for A-10s was delayed for some reason but is finally here. The preferred kit has to be the Monogram kit as the Tamiya version is really more of a prototype than the production kit. Fortunately for us, these aircraft don't seem to have had the LASTE updates to them so no need to fork out for an expensive aftermarket set. One thing that will have to be done is to have the ladder redone as a tubular version replaced the square one in 1980.  Both seem to be in the Lizard paint scheme though no color information is provided on the decal sheet. Whatever is printed in the Monogram kit will be what you use.

Markings are provided for two aircraft. First is one from the 74th TFS/23rd TFW with its nice shark mouth motif. Tail caps are to be painted medium blue prior to application of the unit markings on it. The other is from a very short-lived unit, the 21st TFS/507 ACW. This one has a bunch of mission and kill markings on it.

In addition to the markings for the aircraft, there are a full suite of markings for various ordnance. An intensive data placement guide is provided on the decal sheet as well as a full painting guide (minus FS color info).

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