Superscale 48-688: F-15E Strike Eagle

Units: 58 FW & 405 TTW


$Out of Production


Scott Van Aken

When the F-15E Strike Eagle initially came on line in the late 1980s, The first training and operational units were concentrated at Luke AFB, in Arizona. Basically because of the great weather in this area, Luke has been, and still is a major USAF training base. Initially, the 405 TTW was the host unit with the 426th, 550th, and 555th TFS undertaking training and operational squadrons. The air force hates to keep things static so during initial stages of reorganization, the 405 TTW went away and the 58 FW took over. The squadrons stayed the same, but the tail codes changed from LA, to LF. Eventually, even this changed and now all F-15E training takes place at Seymour-Johnsons AFB; the Eagles gone from the skies of Luke AFB by the mid 1990s.

Both of these aircraft are painted in overall FS 36118 Gunship Grey. For kits, you will want to use the Revell F-15E, because unlike the Strike Eagles from Academy and Hasegawa, the Revell kit is not just a warmed over F-15B/D, but has all the proper attributes of the F-15E. What is even nicer, is that in the US it is less expensive than the other options.

The top aircraft is from the 555 FS after the switch to the 58 FW and change in tail code to LF. This unit now flies F-16Cs out of Aviano, Italy.

The 550 TFS aircraft with the older LA codes is the other option. This unit went away when the F-15Es left Luke.

The sheet provides insignia and data markings for one aircraft. Not a problem as the Revell decals are quite good so you can do both aircraft if you wish.

Sheet courtesy of me and digging around at swap meets.

June 2005

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