Superscale 48-402: F-117A Stealth Fighters

Units: 37 TFW


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Scott Van Aken


Though one would think it would be hard to keep secrets, the F-117A was kept a secret for nearly 10 years, until a crash and increased public awareness of these planes finally came out in 1989/90. At first, it was difficult to get any hard facts. I remember the first time I saw one at an air show. It was surrounded by twin rope barricades in which roamed several armed MPs. I was quite impressed with how angular it was and in its size. Over the years, access to these aircraft has become easier as they are not quite the big deal they once were. They even moved from the Tonopah base to Alamagordo where they continue to operate today.

Worst thing about the F-117A is that they are, for the most part, painted black. New schemes are being tried, but for this sheet, black is your only choice. All six aircraft are from the Tonopah period so have TR (for Tonopah Range) on the tail if they have any tail codes at all.

Three of the planes are boss birds of some sort. Two of them are 37 TFW aircraft while a third is the 415 TFS Squadron CO's bird. The other three are just generic aircraft in the 'combat scheme' with no unit identifiers at all.

When the unit went to Holloman, the 37 TFW as well as its three squadrons, the 415, 416, and 417 TFS went away. In their place were the HO tail code of the 49 FW and their three squadrons, the 7th, 8th and 9th FS. The 49th Wing is kept alive as they fought in the Southwest Pacific flying P-40 then P-38s from Australia, to New Guinea up to the Philippines.

For kits you have a choice from Revell-Monogram and Tamiya for sure. Both are not that bad, but most will opt for the Tamiya kit as it is the more detailed and easier to build of the two.

Sheet courtesy of me.

May 2005

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