Superscale 48-367: A-10 Warthot

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Scott Van Aken


Here is an older sheet for the A-10A Warthog. The only really good kit is the older Monogram version. Tamiya and ESCI produced A-10s but they are preproduction aircraft. Even the Monogram kit will need some upgrades to meet current standards. All of the aircraft on this sheet are in the Charcoal Lizard or Euro I camouflage scheme.

Three of these planes are from the 104 TFS, Maryland ANG as they were marked for a weapons meet. The nose art of these were applied with chalk so the rather risqué artwork could be removed prior to returning home. However, the local unit sprayed clear lacquer over these markings so they couldn't be removed and so the unit had to fly home with the markings still applied!

The other aircraft is from the 354 TFW based at Myrtle Beach, SC It has a red forward fin which is supplied as a decal, but would really look better if painted on. This aircraft has the 'slime lights' whereas the other three do not.

There is enough insignia and data for two planes.  Superscale provides a nicely detailed markings guide for these.

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October 2006

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