Superscale 48-354: AV-8B Harrier Data sheet

Units: All of them


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Scott Van Aken

There are many modelers to whom a modern military aircraft is not complete unless festooned with data markings. Others of us would rather have these at a minimum! This is one of Superscale's early sheets with a full suite of markings for the AV-8B Harrier. As the only kit on the market was the Monogram version, that is what this sheet is undoubtedly designed around. Of course, today, we have the excellent Hasegawa family of AV-8Bs to choose from.

The set includes two sides of a sheet with panel marking placement on one side and data markings placement on the other. Each side shows the markings by the letters shown on the sheet, so it will be easy to find and place the decals. Unfortunately, most of the smaller markings are totally illegible, a real problem back in the days of yore, however, you can see that something is there and I guess that is what is the important thing.

January 2007

Review copy courtesy of my decal collection.

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