Superscale 48-301: South African Air Force

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$ Currently OOP. Sheet printed in  70's


Scott Van Aken

This sheet covers three of the primary aircraft in use with the South African Air Force in the early 1970s, the Mirage IIICZ/IIIEZ, T-6 Texan and C-47 Dakota. All of these aircraft served until the 1990s, as much due to the embargo placed on South Africa by many nations of the world until the end of Aparthied. At that time, the SAAF underwent a change in national insignia and many of its long serving aircraft were retired. This sheet has one major glitch in that it does not have the orange in the fin flash, doing that in red, for some odd reason. While it should be a simple enough fix, it is odd that something this major was missed.

There are two Mirage IIIs on the sheet, one in bare metal as they were delivered and the other in the camouflage scheme of olive drab/deep buff over light admiralty grey.  For kits, you will find the very nice Eduard kit as well as one by Heller for the CZ variant. The EZ will have to be Italeri/ESCI or Fonderie Miniature.

Next is a T-6 Texan in the very colorful scheme of aluminum with large dayglo panels. The recently reissued Monogram kit would be perfect for this or you can also use the Ocidental release.

Finally a C-47 Dakota in aluminum with a white fuselage top and dayglo orange panels. The only available kit in this scale is the Monogram version that, while currently oop, should be relatively easy to find.

All in all an interesting sheet, despite the color glitch.

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