Superscale 48-135: A-10A Warthog

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Scott Van Aken


Probably one of the least 'cool' aircraft to ever fly in the US inventory is the A-10. However, it was designed not to be fast, but to be able to survive in hostile airspace while hunting tanks and other ground targets. As a result, it has long, straight wings, and engines that exhaust over the horizontal stabs so that it helps to mask the heat signature of the engines. It is amazing that these aircraft were destined for the boneyard in 1990 as the Soviet threat disappeared. Fortunately for us all, they were around for Desert Storm where their ruggedness and dependability were proven in combat as planes came back with major bits missing. Though the very earliest 1975-77 builds have been retired, the rest are continuing to prove their worth in combat even today.

This sheet is from the early 1980s and depicts four aircraft. All are painted in the same 'charcoal lizard' scheme of FS 36081, 34102, 34092 in a wrap around scheme. This scheme has gone to be replaced by greys.

The four options on the sheet are:

356 TFS/354 TFW at Myrtle Beach AFB in April 81

74 TFS/23 TFW at England AFB in March 81

131 TFS/104 TFG, of the Massachusetts ANG

and finally, the 47 TFS of the Reserves at Barksdale AFB.

I believe that all these units are still flying the A-10, though the Myrtle Beach squadron/wing assignment has been changed following the drawdown of units after Desert Storm.

The sheet provides full insignia and data markings for all four aircraft.

July 2005

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