Superscale 48-1199 F-100D Super Sabre

Unit: 481 TFS




Scott Van Aken

Haven't seen an F-100D sheet in a while and this one is for a particularly popular subject. During the early years of the Vietnam War, the F-100 was probably the most widely used USAF tactical jet. These were all in the overall aluminum lacquer scheme, with the exception of the hot area which was left in natural titanium.

This particular aircraft is 'Pretty Penny' from the 481st TFS/27th TFW and is quite popular thanks to its rather shapely nose art. The sheet provides everything you need in the way of stencils and insignia for this aircraft. The only really good kit is the Monogram version, a kit that has been around for a very long time. ESCI did a 1/48th 'Hun', but it is best avoided.

August 2007

Thanks to Superscale for the review sheet

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