Superscale 48-1186: P-51 Mustangs

Units: 332 FG




Scott Van Aken

A popular subject is the 332nd Fighter Group, what was then an 'all-Negro' fighter group, a rarity in a largely segregated US military. When they converted to P-51s, their planes all had full red tail sections with the squadron color on the rudder trim tab. In keeping with the Mediterranean theater, all had red noses, the Allied ID color for this area of operations. These planes also had yellow ID bands on the wings and Superscale provides a goodly selection of these.

First up is 'Daisey Mae' from the 100th FS in Italy during 1944. This P-51C has a black rudder trim tab.

'INA the Macon Belle' is a P-51C from the 302 FS, also in italy during 1944. Yellow rudder tab and a yellow nose with red stripes. The yellow eill need to be painted first.

Finally, a P-51D 'Creamer's Dream' of the 301 FS during 1945. White rudder tab on this plane.

Data and insignia enough for one of these aircraft and a fine data placement guide to help as well.

May 2007

Thanks to Superscale for the review sheet

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