Superscale 48-1179: P-38H/J Lightnings

Units: 35, 55, and 475 FG




Scott Van Aken

Here is a nice change, a sheet for P-38 H/J Lightnings. According to the instructions, if you can find an appropriate kit, the markings will fit. Well, that means we have Academy, Hasegawa and Monogram as well as the Hasegawa rebox with ProModeler and probably Revell AG as well.  All three of the options on the sheet are for Olive Drab over Neutral Grey aircraft, so no pesky unpainted metal for the squeamish.

First is the P-38H of Thomas Lynch of the 39FS/35 FG. This aircraft has a nice shark mouth for the engine nacelles. Unfortunately, someone goofed at Superscale and only provided one set as they should be on both the inside and outside of each nacelle. In any case, the inside of intakes will need to be painted to match the decal. Spinner tips are blue.

Next is a P-38J of Thomas Schank of the 338th FS/55 FG in Europe. "Stinger" has a full red nose and spinners and wheel covers.

Finally, a P-38H of Elliot Summer from the 432nd FS/475th FG. "Blood and Guts III" needs some yellow on the upper and lower fin tips and the back portion of the spinners.

The sheet provides full data for one and insignia for all. An erratta sheet containing the other set will be available after the 20th of May. Send a self addressed, stamped envelope to: Superscale, 1508 S. Grand Ave, Santa Ana, CA 92705.

April 2007

Thanks to Superscale for the review sheet

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