Superscale 48-1178: P-51C Mustangs

Units: 23 FG and 52 FG




Scott Van Aken

Yet more P-51Ds, and this time there is one from the CBI and one from the Med. The recommended kit for these is the Tamiya P-51B, but you can use others in this scale. Actually, the only others are the ICM kit and the Monogram version. You'll notice that both have yellow as the main motif.

The first one is from the 23rd FG based in Liuchow, China during 1945. The instructions missed that it does carry standard insignia on the fuselage. It does have a white spinner and wing tips which will need painted on and a rather fierce shark mouth. This aircraft would have a DF loop antenna as well for that was pretty much a standard piece of equipment for China based aircraft.

The other is from the 5th FS/52nd FG. This one has a red nose and OD anti-glare panel on an unpainted metal fuselage. All of the various stripes for the fuselage and wings are provided as decals, so no painting is required.

The sheet includes a full data markings suite, but i doubt if the full one was used, especially on the unpainted one as that one would have been delivered in camo so would have had all its paint stripped from it. I doubt if most of the data markings would have been replaced, but one never knows. Data and insignia for one plane.

April 2007

Thanks to Superscale for the review sheet

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