Superscale 48-1169: P-47D Thunderbolts

Units: 368 FG




Scott Van Aken

Another nice sheet for late war P-47D Thunderbolts. Both of these aircraft are -30 variants and have the fin fillet, which pretty much means a Tamiya kit as none of the others in this scale offer this feature. I'm not sure which wheels these would have had, but I'm leaning towards the covered versions.

First aircraft is the unnamed mount of Lt. Clifford Price. This one has a blue forward cowling and it needs to be painted to match the blue of the decal. Fit tip also needs to be painted yellow.

The other is 'Yum Yum' of the same unit, pilot unknown. It has the same colors, but without the white surround to the nose. From the look of the artwork, the canopy and windscreen on both of these have Olive Drab framework.

Common markings are provided for one aircraft and you can use the kit supplied ones if you decide to do them both.

March 2007

Thanks to Superscale for the review sheet. Get yours at your favorite hobby shop.

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