Superscale 48-1168: A-20G Havoc

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Scott Van Aken

Returning to WWII subjects after a run of modern stuff, here is a very nice sheet for the A-20G Havoc. We are fortunate that AMT produced a very nice one before giving up on aircraft. The molds have since been used by Italeri. The plastic is the same, though the Italeri decal sheet is different.

There are two options on this sheet.

First one is 'Green Hornet' of the 417th BS/675th BG, one of the more popular markings for this plane. It is OD over Neutral Grey with Medium green patches on the upper flying surfaces. Nose, fin tip and wing tips are in Medium Blue.

The other option seems to be a hack for the 321st BG as it has been stripped of its warpaint. 'Little Chief' has the armament removed with the nose guns faired over and the upper turret seems to be either painted over or replaced with a metal cover as no framework is visible in the drawing. Of course, it could just be that the framework was not drawn, though the guns have been removed. In Action #54 is the reference for this one if you have it handy.

Common markings are provided for one aircraft and you can use the kit supplied ones if you decide to do them both.

March 2007

Thanks to Superscale for the review sheet. Get yours at your favorite hobby shop.

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