Superscale 48-1167: EA-6B Prowler

Units: VAQ-136




Scott Van Aken

As many new Superscale releases come in pairs, this one is for two EA-6B Prowlers. As mentioned earlier, the kit for this is the Monogram 1/48 EA-6B with the appropriate updates. Stay away from the Airfix kit unless you are desperate as it has some shape problems. Both of these are in the Tactical Paint Scheme, though it seems as if they  have replacement radomes. Not surprisingly, they are both CAG/Squadron CO's planes.

First one is from VAQ-131 from the USS Abraham Lincoln, though no date is provided.

The other is from VMAQ-2 'Death Jesters; and has some nice color in the fin markings. This unit used to be the 'Playboys', complete with the bunny on the markings, but has since been PC'd.

Basic markings for both aircraft are included in the sheet, though by no means a full stencil suite. To be honest, usually the only time you'll see a USN/USMC aircraft festooned with these markings is right after they are built. By the time it is through overhaul and repainted, usually on the major markings are still present.

March 2007

Thanks to Superscale for the review sheet. Get yours at your favorite hobby shop.

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