Superscale 48-1160: P-38F Lightnings

Units: 8th and 475th FG




Scott Van Aken

You may think you've seen this sheet before, but if so, it has to have been a really old one as I don't think I've seen these two together before. Both are from 1943 and both are in the OD/Neutral Grey camo scheme. The recommended kit for these is the Academy or Hasegawa versions. Really, the way these markings are, you could use any appropriate 1/48 P-38F.

First is Porky II, the aircraft of Maj Edward Cragg of the 80th FS/8th FG in 1943. It has light green bits on the fins and prop spinners.

The other is Pudgy, Capt. Thomas McGuire's plane when with the 431 FS/475 FG, also in 1943. This one has red bits on the fins, spinner and rear booms.

The colors will have to be painted by the builder, but Superscale has provided the white bands that go on the outside. The ones for McGuire's plane seem to be broader than the other. There are enough insignia and data markings to do both of these planes and an excellent data guide is provided.

February 2007

Thanks to Superscale for the review sheet. Get yours at your favorite hobby shop.

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