Superscale 48-1154: P39/P-400 Airacobra

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Scott Van Aken

Here is a nice sheet for the Eduard or Hasegawa (or Monogam), 1/48 Bell Airacobra. It seems I've seen at least some of these markings on earlier sheets. Indeed, looking back in the archives, two of them were done before. However, it is nice to have them back and in one place. It also seems as if the printing is crisper than on the earlier sheets.

First up is a P-39L of Wm McDonald when based in New Guinea during 1943. Standard USAAF colors with the US ARMY markings under the wings.

Next is a P-400 so is painted in RAF equivalent colors of OD, Brown and Neutral Grey. A yellow fin tip and yellow spinner with white wing leading edge and stabilizer.

Finally, A 35 FS/8 FG P-39D. No other info provided, but it is in the standard USAAF colors with the US ARMY markings under the wing.

There are insignia for all and data/wing walk markings for two.

December 2006

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