Superscale 48-1147: USAF/USAAF 45 degree Numbers ( Black)

Units: All of them




Scott Van Aken


This particular sheet isn't very flashy at all, but it is one of those that when you need it, it is worth having the foresight to get. The sheet is for numbers as used by the USAF/USAAF and is in the most common color used; black. The sheet includes a goodly selection of numbers in 24", 12", 6" and 3" sizes for all sorts of applications. I know that I've made use of sheets like this a number of times (no pun intended) and have found them to be amongst the more useful.

Please note that the background is really a light blue, but since there is no color in it, I scanned it in greyscale.

November 2006

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